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    Question 1/8

    Have you read the server rules?

    Question 2/8

    Do you have a good quality microphone and have you tested your audio in GTA V?

    Question 3/8

    You pull up to the bank to make a deposit and you notice

    4 of your friends are inside robbing it with 3 hostages. There are 5 cops outside, what do you do?

    Question 4/8

    What do you do when the police pull you over for a traffic violation (speeding, running a red light, ect)?

    Question 5/8

    What do you do when a civilian holds a gun to you and

    request you to hand over money and or items?

    Question 6/8

    What's the speed limit within the city/towns?

    Question 7/8

    What's the speed limit on the motorway?

    Question 8/8

    What do you do at a red light?

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